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Artistic Speech Formation

Artistic Speech Formation

2016-17 Teacher Training Schedule
Block 1: Oct 23
-Nov 7, 2016; Block 2: April 2017

In response to the increasing numbers of requests by parents and teachers for an educational approach that draws out the full human being and nurtures deep purpose and creative social engagement, GCI launched its Steiner Education Initiative in 2005, which includes an intensive Part-time Teacher Training Program. It is currently the only live-in Steiner Education Teacher Training program in the Philippines. The growing number of schools adopting the Steiner approach is resulting in a shortage of trained teachers. The GCI Teacher Training Program addresses this need.

The Training Course for Steiner grade school teaching is a intensive part-time seminar consisting of two live-in blocks which prepares teachers to begin working with Steiner educational approaches in grade school. The course design intrinsically calls for assignments and self-study between blocks when participants can also already begin applying what they have learned. It is envisioned that after the two blocks, participants would continue on to the Asian Teacher Training hosted by Acacia Waldorf School.

The early blocks are foundational and pre-requisites for later blocks.

All participants must be prepared to undergo an intensive self-transformation process that is a fundamental and unique aspect of Steiner Education. Because ultimately, it is the quality of the teacher’s inner life and behavior that educates the child. “It is often not what you teach, but who you are as a human being, that educates the child.”

The training course cannot cover what is normally taken up in a one or two year full-time course in teacher training institutes in other countries. Rather, it is a preparation that allows participants to move rapidly into the classroom environment where real learning begins and starts them on the path of self-development that characterizes being a Steiner educator. Graduates will have opportunities for continuing education through mentoring and in-service trainings with a flexible curriculum adjusted to student needs.

The course is facilitated by a group of experienced mentors, both Filipino and foreign, many with over 30 years of experience.

The Live-In Program is held in Iloilo Province. Participants are responsible for their travel arrangements to and from Iloilo which is readily accessible by air, land and sea travel. The fees for each intensive block include board and lodging, resource person fees, administrative expenses, and all materials. (See brochure for more details.)

While program expenses need to be met, GCI is also open to exploring alternative fee arrangements and payment options appropriate to the financial capacities of each applicant. Kindly contact the organizers to explore possibilities in this direction as well as for any other information.

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