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Support a Child's Education

Support a Child

Gamot Cogon School is a pioneering effort that seeks to model or prototype a Steiner school in an economically poor, rural community in the Philippines. A significant number of the families sending their children to the school cannot afford to pay the necessary school fees to support the operations of the school and this amount must therefore be subsidized. In addition, the school needs to build up its facilities and infrastructure. The school is set up as a non-stock, non-profit institution and receives no government funding. The land has been donated to the school. There are approximately 2-3 hectares that are available for the use of the school. The school currently has 244 children attending classes from kindergarten to Class 12. To view an audio Slideshow about the school click here: Audio Slideshow

How You Can Help

Gamot Cogon School

Support a teacher

Support a teacher

Support a Student. We estimate the cost of sending a child to the school for one year at P20,000.00 (US$500 or €380)

Support a Teacher. Our teachers currently earn less than their public school counterparts and are having difficulty meeting their needs at current salary levels. We are seeking ways to increase teacher salaries which is the biggest expense for the school. To support one teacher for one year currently amounts to P156,000.00 (US$3700 or €3000). We would like to eventually raise teacher salaries to P15,000 ($350 or €280) per month to help them meet their needs.

School Art Supplies

School Art Supplies

School Art Supplies. The school sources some art supplies locally – painting paper, paint brushes etc. but we also use high quality art supplies which are sourced in Germany. These special supplies nurture the senses of the children and support the artistic curriculum of the school. A 250ml bottle of Stockmar Paint, for instance, costs the school P1200 ($28 or €23). A box of Stockmar beeswax crayons costs P350 ($8.50 or €7). We also accept used crayons, paints, colored pencils, sharpeners etc.

Music Program. The school is working to establish a comprehensive music program. To do this, we need musical instruments. Many of the children have never seen violins, violas, cellos, much less learned to play a classical instrument. The school needs to purchase a collection of instruments which can be used by the students. We estimate the cost of a China-made violin at P4000 ($95 or €75). A Clavinova (electric piano) costs P55,000 ($1300 or €1000). We estimate the cost of funding the instrumentarium at P220,000 ($5200 or €4150).

Playgrounds / Playing Fields: The school currently lacks adequate playground facilities. We need P20,000 ($475 or €375) to upgrade the kindergarten playground. The early grades needs a separate playground with swings and sandbox – estimated cost: P35,000 ($830 or €660). Upper grades playground: P40,000 ($950 or €750).

Building Program. The school currently has two urgent building projects. The first is the high school building. High school classes are temporarily being held in the grade school building and in temporary rooms. These students need access to laboratories and facilities designed around the high-school curriculum. The second urgent need is a roofing structure over our multi-purpose pavement to render it usable in inclement weather and for special events. Please contact us about the estimated costs for these major infrastructure needs.

Classroom Furniture. Each new classroom must be outfitted with desks, chairs, blackboards and cabinets. A desk and chair for one student costs P1200.00 ($30 or €25). A teacher’s desk and chair costs P1500.00 ($40 or €30)



Science Equipment. The school needs science equipment for Grade 7 and 8 chemistry, Physics II and Biology. To prepare for the chemistry lessons we need to obtain glassware, Bunsen burners, safety equipment. We also need microscopes. We would welcome used equipment and/or donations for this purpose.

Woodworking Equipment. The school needs woodworking equipment to bring the fullness of the curriculum to the students. Woodcarving tools as well as various carpentry handtools are needed so that the students can learn to work safely and creatively with real tools. Used or surplus tools can be donated to the school or funds can be donated to help purchase these items.

Teacher Housing. In order to help our teachers financially, to give them a safe and decent place to live and to allow them to live closer to the school, we would like to create a teacher housing compound. We can build a small efficiency unit for one teacher using a combination of native and modern materials for P100,000.00 ($2500 or €2000). We currently have four teachers who would like to avail of housing if it could be made available.

Teacher Training. Each year the school must sponsor at least one teacher for training in Steiner Education. The cost of the 8-week intensive course is P45,000.00 ($1000 or €900). There are also in-service trainings and other opportunities for the teachers to gain knowledge and skills for their work. Donations can help support teachers in their continuing education and professional development.

Training Center

The school is part of the larger initiative of Gamot Cogon Institute that includes a biodynamic farm and live-in training center. Aside from Steiner education teacher trainings, GCI envisions offering training in sustainable agriculture, holistic medicine and health care, leadership and youth programs, among others.

Dormitory Cottage

Dormitory Cottage

We have already built one two room living quarters as a prototype for the training center. We plan to eventually have 10 two-room cottages that can host 20-40 persons for training activities.

Dormitory Cottage. The cost of building one two-room cottage with integrated bathroom is P250,000.00 ($5000 or €4000).

Training Hall. We need to construct a training hall where we can conduct training sessions.

Dining Hall. This will be the gathering and preparation place for meals. The Dining Hall can also be used by the school to bring good nutrition and hot meals to the children on a daily basis.

Water System. The water system for the whole project consists of an elevated storage tank, distribution pipelines, transmission line and pumping facilities. The wellhead, pumping facility and transmission pipeline are already in place. We need to raise an additional P250,000 ($6000 or €5000) for the remainder of this program which is becoming more urgent as the school grows.

If you would like to make a contribution to the School or the Institute, look for the Donate button on the right side of our homepage.